Snehsthali a Multi-Skill Development School

Every child as we say “Is Special” and if we as parents can understand this and make use of the potential that every essay writer child is gifted with, we can see our child walk the red carpet to stardom, to the journey where we can tomorrow proudly claim – Mera Bachcha Super Star !!!

We at Snehsthali, understand this, and have dared to shoulder the responsibility of bringing the best out of your child.

Snehsthali, has a variety of activities beyond regular school hours on campus specifically for our students.

At Snehsthali, we allow children to explore their own world of imagination and create what they want to ?

We allow freedom to our children to think and put forward the sweet ideas even if they mean nothing – may be we see a few new Einsteins or
Archimedis !!!

At Snehsthali an attempt is made to develop the overall personality of the child, by exposing each and every child to host of activities and tasks which would eventually help graduate the child grow, deep rooted with the most desired and demanding lifestyle of the world.

Which would allow every child to showcase rhetorical analysis essay topics their talent to the so-called societies of the world and enjoy the pie of elitism and success to which the society look forward…

To make him feel the HERO way and you proudly acclaim the fact – Mera Bachcha Super Star !!!

Snehsthali, is a multi-skill development school, which focuses on overall development of a child’s potential.

What makes us different

We believe that training at right time can imbibe talent within a person, children as fast learners and can be molded through regular practice without browbeating but in a fun and peer-cheering way !!

At Snehsthali, we expose every child through various skill developing activities, and thus train every child to be the best in abilities to perform any act of skill and impress.

It is therefore at Snehsthali, we not only educate the child imparting the knowledge of different concepts but also emphasize on inculcating life skillswhich would imbibe various qualities in children like confidence, leadership, taking initiative, courage etc.

A 5-day week curriculum is designed in a manner that every child undergoes 3 different activities in a day, along with few built-in experience learning activities. The activitites involves training in Dancing, Music, Art & Craft,

Drawing, Personal Grooming, Martial Arts etc and thus focusing on overall development of a child.

As parents, we think the world of our kids.

So, when they possess a particular talent, “naturally” we think they’re ready for the Olympics, a run on Broadway, or a college scholarship — My kid the superstar.

At games, you’ll find some proud parents cheering their children for giving it their best shot, while others “browbeat” their kids — sometimes pushing them to their physical and emotional limits — and frequently, just harassing or embarrassing them in front of their friends.

It’s no wonder that many kids lose interest in an activity because it’s no longer rewarding and fun.

It makes you wonder whether winning means more to the parents or to their children?

Sure … some kids will translate their talent into stardom and a professional career.

As for the others … these activities can provide a wonderful learning experience about life — if we would just treat them that way — while “letting our kids be kids.”

Preparing Kids for the Game of Life

Teach your child that success doesn’t come easily. Life is a continuing competition in which excellence wins. Therefore, it’s better to learn how to compete when the consequences are small. So if you aren’t using every opportunity to prepare your child for the game of life, your son or daughter is being cheated out of something very special.

Take your cue from the great coaches in all sports and at all levels — great coaches build trust, instill discipline, and foster teamwork. They showcase the child who displays a can-do attitude, shows improvement, or demonstrates leadership on and off the field. Great coaches inspire confidencebyapplauding the team because they did their best — even if they lost the game.

The bottom line is that kids aren’t born with self-confidence or a positive attitude; kids don’t automatically know how to conquer fear, accept feedback, overcome obstacles, or snatch victory from the jaws of defeat; kids don’t always know what it’s like to come back after failure, be a humble winner, or show grace after a terrible loss.

These skills are learned.

So do your child a favor and teach him or her the winning philosophy of great coaches — because even though it’s great to win the game, it’s even better to be a superstar in life.